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Lamp Specifications

Each lamp is unique and made by hand with love.

Recycled PVC pipe

We use recycled PVC pipes and the options available are; White, Cream; Grey and Rustic with a sanded finish.

Compact Fluorescent

Available in a Warm / Cool light. The bulb lasts 8-10 times longer, more light per Watt, 75% and 90% less heat.

Electrical Components

The bulb fitting is mounted to the base with a 1.4 meter electrical cable with an ON / OFF switch and 3 pronged plug.

Wooden Base

The lamp bases are made from wood that we've repurposed using mainly discarded fruit crates.

Stylish, eco-friendly and affordable lighting to compliment your space is no longer a pipe dream.

Level of difficulty VS time to make
  • Jigsaw-cut Designs
  • Drilled Designs
  • Custom (Jigsaw or Drilled Pattern)


Crafted to perfection

The process of mass production has redefined the word “unique”. Avant-garde designs are produced with a pre-prescribed palette of colours, shapes and sizes readily available for purchase by an extra ordinary individual.

Made with love

Whether you invite us into your space by taking a ready-made or custom product, our innovative creations ensure everyone is welcomed into areas that convey and bring to light your exceptional taste for good design.

Made by hand

Our customised products are an impressive exhibit of creativity, for us design is a passion and nothing less than a labour of love. We believe each buyer has a different set of desires, needs and wants. With a clear understanding that no two people are the same, this exact principle is applied to our design process. While we have readily available stock for you to select at a whim, we encourage buyers to share both their ideas and vision and to assign us to the task of bringing them to life.

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